Memorizing the Quran

I’ve set a goal to memorize the Quran — yes. all 600+ pages of it. This is an enormous feat, especially for someone who admittedly doesn’t have the best memory. Or so I thought.

I’d previously read about techniques that you can use to improve your memory — mostly involving creating lucid visualizations of the items you’re trying to memory on a path that you know well (e.g. your drive to work).

On this page, I’ll detail the different techniques I’ve tried, and how well they worked (or didn’t work) in aiding with the memorization of long bodies of text. This is a learning process, and I’m constantly running experiments to see how I can improve the quality of my recollection and, in a tertiary sense, reducing the memorization time.

Why write about it?

I find that I learn best by sharing my experiences with others. Envisioning myself teaching others actually helps me maintain a certain rigor for both experiments conducted as well as updates shared.